P8 Connector for Cognivision™

RGB’s P8 Connector for CogniVisionTM provides an innovative, intuitive, and efficient solution for IBM ECM that revolutionizes large-scale document search and review. Designed as a powerful IBM ECM extension, the P8 Connector seamlessly integrates IBM ECM Content Manager with ImageScan’s CogniVision™ search and display engine enabling users to quickly locate documents using an intuitive discovery and presentation interface that harnesses the most powerful computer in the world, the human brain.

CogniVision’s Unique Features

RGB’s P8 Connector for CogniVisionTM is ideal for IBM ECM customers engaged in high-volume electronic document review such as mortgage servicing, litigation support, audit & compliance, and medical filings. CogniVision’s unique features include:

  • A highly effective search engine combined with an intelligent, thumbnail-driven image viewer
  • The ability to search as if flipping through a stack of paper, which leverages the brain’s capacity to rapidly identify relevant content
  • A results display showing highlighted search terms and thumbnails of every page in the folder or search, enabling users to quickly identify documents at first glance rather than having to wade through each item in a massive list
  • Seamless and secure operation with FileNet connectivity right “out of the box”

Benefits of Integrating RGB’s P8 Connector for CogniVisionTM

  • Simplify and Speed searches, which leads to greater productivity
  • Streamline operating costs by eliminating detailed document indexing
  • Dramatically reduce processing time, improving the bottom line

P8 Connector for CogniVision™ is an add-on product for existing IBM ECM & BPM customers. “CogniVision” is a registered trademark of ImageScan, Inc. The CogniVision search and display engine is patent pending.

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