Cloud Content Services (CCS)

RGB’s industry leading Software as a Service offerings seamlessly facilitate cloud content/process management and on-demand data capture/extraction from mobile-enabled forms or machine-generated/handwritten documents for integration into existing Line of Business systems.

Benefits of ECM as a Service

In years past, to receive the benefits of enterprise content management, it was necessary to install physical services on the client’s premises in a cold room with the requisite operating system, database, application servers, storage subsystems, etc. It was all very complicated and required numerous experienced IT professionals just to keep the system running. The financial burden imposed by this system was heavy but accepted as the norm.

Today, all the benefits provided by ECM can be received at lower upfront and ongoing costs from hosted solutions that are cloud-based, eliminating the requirements of hiring dedicated, experienced staff to maintain the system. The customer only pays for services consumed and the processing load can scale on-demand without concern for capacity planning or geographical considerations. Customer data can be stored on premise or in the cloud or both in a dynamic, hybrid fashion. Additionally, the data can be geolocated according to the customers compliance requirements around predefined geographic or political boundaries.

Benefits of BPM as a Service

Business Process Management systems are arguably more technically complicated than ECM systems and they are frequently implemented together, but not always. Significant advantages of BMP as a Service include:

  • By using cloud-based BPM (similar to Case Management), it is possible to avoid the startup investment costs of physical equipment, software, and IT labor and instead immediately focus on optimization of the actual business processes for deployment into production.
  • Similar to ECM, the technical aspects are completely managed by the service provider, which means the customer doesn’t have to internally address matters related to system administration, maintenance, disaster recovery, or business continuity.
  • For multinational companies, BPMaaS “allows work to follow the sun.” Work awaiting completion at the end of the day can be seamlessly shifted to workers elsewhere in the world whose workdays are just starting.
  • And because all of these services are provided in the cloud, it is easy to extend the BPM functionality to mobile devices which enables participants in a workflow to contribute and collaborate anywhere, anytime.

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