IBM FileNet Connector for SAP™

IBM FileNet Connector for SAP™ provides a powerful, cost-effective software solution for FileNet customers interested in integrating to SAP. Leveraging decades of FileNet experience and successful project outcomes with SAP subject matter experts (such as Dolphin and Phoenix), RGB specializes in implementing IBM FileNet Connector for SAP™ with an emphasis on supply chain management and end-to-end procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes.

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective End-to-End Solutions

RGB offers the following services tailored to meet each client’s particular SAP system, IT environment and business objectives:

  • Baseline Services: RGB offers initial implementation of the FileNet SAP Connector as well as configuration and optimization services, including linking and archiving.
  • Advanced Functionality: In addition to initial integration, RGB delivers powerful metadata synchronization solutions. For example, if a company stores a purchase order in FileNet which is then linked, via document ID, to the same transaction in SAP containing the purchase order details, through metadata synchronization, certain key data for that particular document can be extracted from the SAP system and populated across FileNet indexes, enabling FileNet to be searched independently of SAP.

IBM FileNet Connector for SAP Optimizes Supply Chain and Financial Process Management

Integrating IBM FileNet Connector for SAP™ seamlessly accelerates and optimizes supply chain logistics management and end-to-end business process operations, including:

  • Supply Chain Management and Business Logistics: Encompasses the integration of key business processes and the management of upstream and downstream relationships from suppliers to end users providing products, services and information. These key processes include vendor and contract management, the purchasing of equipment and supplies, and invoice processing automation.
  • Financial End-to-End Business Processes: Covers all key business processes and functions required to manage procure-to-pay (basic procurement and accounts payable) and order-to-cash (receiving and fulfilling customer requests for goods or services) systems.

Key Benefits of Integrating IBM FileNet Connector for SAP™

  • Provides access to enhanced collaboration functionality for all content managed by IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • Increases process coordination and transaction transparency by assuring instant document availability and creation of an audit trail
  • Simplifies use, support and integration of additional SAP solutions and components
  • Enables full text search for content stored in IBM FileNet repositories
  • Reduces compliance risks regarding electronic document retention regulations
  • Allows Single Sign-On (SSO) for both the SAP Enterprise Portal and IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • Improves SAP system performance and reduces IT costs
  • Increases controls and efficiency while reducing paper costs
  • Provides flexible exposure of content metadata
  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Supports comprehensive management

IBM FileNet Connector for SAP™ is an add-on product for existing IBM FileNet customers interested in SAP integration.
Contact us to learn more about integrating to SAP to optimize and accelerate your company’s performance and business processes.

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