Cognitive Digital Transformation

In our fast and ever changing world, paper-based (legacy) companies must pursue digital transformation to survive if they want to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. Not to be outdone, existing digital companies need to stay agile to drive continuous innovation. By leveraging the continuous improvement approach of Cognitive Digital Transformation (CDT), both types of companies will benefit and stay ahead of the competition.

With no impact to users, CDT transparently observes and assesses a “baseline” for back-office operations in terms of productivity and cost per transaction. CDT automatically documents business processes and functions empowering an organizational evolution to a more organic and humanistic approach with the end users retaining control of the process. Back office and customer-facing transactions are continuously streamlined, optimized and improved for better and better outcomes and experiences.

Organizational Benefits of CDT

  • Ensures corporate memory continuously stays in sync with “best practice” business changes and effortlessly generating business automation.
  • Enables organizations to turn knobs, increase efficiency and maximize workforce, while lowering operating costs.
  • Frees workers up from the busywork aspects of their jobs allowing them to engage in the more creative aspects of their job.
  • Stays current and up-to-date. As business conditions change, institutional knowledge is captured and informs continuous learning, while workflows evolve automatically over time as business conditions change.
  • Leverages AI and machine learning across multiple inbound channels to launch custom-built workflows.

Technical Benefits of CDT

  • Best-of-breed cloud-native containerized architecture leveraging the latest development technologies.
  • Hybrid SaaS/On-premise platform facilitates the process of migrating from on-premise to cloud (or back).

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