Five Things Your MSP May Not Know About FileNet

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MSPs (Managed Service Providers) help companies manage their IT infrastructure. FileNet customers typically use either internal IT or an external MSP to keep their systems running. The problem is that most MSPs have no experience working with FileNet and do not understand the complexities of managing a FileNet system. FileNet uptime often suffers as a consequence.

Does your MSP fully understand these 5 critical FileNet factors?

  1. FileNet is a suite of products consisting of numerous core and add-on modules. It’s not just a single application.
  2. Filenet system architecture and deployments vary widely between customers.
  3. FileNet solutions are composed of configurable and custom-developed building blocks.
  4. IT infrastructure changes frequently impact core FileNet software dependencies.
  5. FileNet has a complex internal architecture that directly impacts troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

A lack of FileNet domain expertise could prove catastrophic by:

  • Impacting business operations due to FileNet interruption
  • Causing unplanned expenditures due to preventable FileNet system issues

Aligned with IBM’s best practices, RGB augments traditional IT or Managed Services with FileNet-specific monitoring and remediation. RGB seeks to complement, not displace or disrupt, existing capabilities and relationships by providing:

  • Proactive FileNet monitoring with alerts to allow remediation before business operations are impacted
  • Customized Managed Service plans with a fixed monthly cost enabling predictable IT budgets
  • The ability to leverage RGB experts on demand to remediate FileNet-related problems

Subscribing to RGB’s FileNet Management Services offering delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides visibility and transparency into the health of your FileNet solutions to maximize productivity
  • Enhances strategic long-term financial and technology planning
  • Establishes and implements best practices for FileNet environments to minimize risk
  • Eliminates the need to locate, train and retain costly FileNet resources
  • Saves money through tiered support solutions that are tailored to meet specific business needs and budgets

RGB is an IBM Advanced Business Partner located in Southern California with an IBM FileNet P8 & Image Services focus. Our expert team leverages decades of experience in creating cost-effective ECM solutions that enable clients across a wide range of industries to manage content, reengineer business processes and ensure compliance. RGB’s extensive content management and workflow process expertise includes design and implementation within the fields of financial services, government, insurance, healthcare, and energy and utilities.

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