ECM Release Management Services

As anyone who uses a computers knows, new versions of software are periodically released and upgrading to the latest version oftentimes renders certain applications inoperable or breaks the system altogether. And in the case of IBM FileNet, release management can be the bane of a system administrator’s existence. For example, there are regular patch releases and then much larger version upgrades that require system downtime and and significant upfront planning to ensure there is no adverse impact to a system’s production operations. RGB handles this situation and much more by providing strategic, comprehensive and specially tailored services that manage and maintain software releases, upgrades, licenses and renewals.

License Renewal and Software Maintenance Services
RGB provides a number of ECM release management services related to license renewals and software maintenance including:

  • Installation of software patches and version upgrades
  • License management and annual software maintenance renewal for perpetual licenses

Throughout the year, new software may be purchased, or some software may be decommissioned and not used anymore, so it is important to make sure that you are not paying for software you are not using. RGB not only keeps track of everything a client is using, but is not using as well. The avoids the “shelfware” syndrome, which occurs when a salesperson sells more software than was needed as part of a deal, and that software frequently goes unused, sitting on the shelf. What makes this situation even worse is when you pay maintenance on that unused software the following year. RGB routinely saves clients thousands of dollars annually just by closely managing their software licenses and renewals.


Fixed Cost, Advanced Methodology for Applying ECM Software Releases
The key to a successful software upgrade is the preparation that happens beforehand – 90% planning and 10% execution. RGB offers a unique advanced methodology for applying software releases across environments to ensure that production operations are not negatively impacted and existing software applications continue to function as designed.


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  • "We had a 15-year old FileNet workflow application that needed upgrading to the latest generation of ECM technology. Everything needed to change - user interfaces, databases, document authoring and capture, application integration, batch processes, reporting, etc. We called upon RGB to provide a turnkey solution because of their proven ability to bridge the gap between legacy FileNet software and the P8 generation of products. RGB designed a system and devised a phased approach to development and deployment that minimized our risk and enabled our staff to assimilate the new system with no interruption to our business. The new system delivers greater efficiency and provides a framework for easily extending our business process to external participants and stakeholders."

    Andrew Virzi,  Assistant Controller Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • "RGB provided the mentoring and expertise we needed to develop an award-winning customer service workflow application. RGB became an integral part of our team, involved in every facet of the project from design and development to training and project management. The most impressive aspect of our experience with RGB was their high level of commitment to our success."

    Robert R. Hill,  Assistant Executive Officer Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association
  • "As a provider of document capture and conversion services, ImageScan frequently partners with RGB to extend the usefulness of our customers' documents and elevate their business productivity. RGB's in depth knowledge of FileNet tools and services, their long history of success with several clients, and our shared commitment to quality have made RGB one of our most valued partners."

    Basker Krishnan,  President ImageScan, Inc.
  • "In one short year, RGB 's leadership and expertise has taken the Image Document Management team to an advanced level of product and system knowledge. The new P8 Imaging environment enables the agency to attain our goal of a paperless case and expand the FileNet capabilities throughout the Departments. Even under tight deadlines and agency constraints RGB led the team to get the job done in a timely fashion."

    Dorothy Smith,  Chief Information Officer County of Santa Clara - Social Services Agency
  • "RGB's technical expertise and direction with the rest of the technical group was excellent. The problem was rectified and all projects were implemented on schedule. We were very impressed with RGB and would certainly use them again in the future."

    Henry DeLange,  Galantis Project Manager Bank of Montreal